CBLOHD Strategy | Trading Closing Below the Low of the High Day

Closing Below the Low of the High-Day" (CBLOHD) is a technical trading term used in the stock market to describe a specific pattern or situation. It refers to a trading day when the closing price of a stock is below the lowest price (the low) of a prior trading day, which is referred to as the "High Day." In other words, CBLOHD occurs when the stock's closing price is lower than the lowest point reached on the day that had the highest price in recent trading sessions.

Technical Analysis

Traders and technical analysts often pay attention to CBLOHD as it can be a bearish signal. It suggests that the stock failed to maintain the high price levels from the previous session and may be experiencing a downward trend. This pattern may indicate a potential shift in market sentiment, with more sellers than buyers in the market.

It's important to note that CBLOHD is just one of many technical indicators used by traders and investors to make informed decisions about buying or selling stocks. It should be considered in conjunction with other factors and indicators to form a comprehensive analysis of a stock's potential future price movements.

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Applying CBLOHD Strategy

CBLOHD can be applied to stocks, commodities, and various financial instruments. Like any trading strategy, CBLOHD has its risks and may not always be accurate. You can use technical analysis tools and historical data to identify the high day and low price. Traders often use CBLOHD in conjunction with other technical analysis tools and strategies. The CBLOHD strategies  is more commonly used by experienced traders, but beginners can learn and apply it with practice. There are several trading platforms and software tools that offer CBLOHD analysis features.

How Does CBLOHD Strategy Work?

Now that you know what CBLOHD stands for, let's delve into how this strategy works in practice. It involves a series of steps that traders follow to make well-informed decisions.

1. Identification of the High Day

First, traders need to identify the "High Day," which is the trading day with the highest price in recent sessions. This is typically done by looking at historical price data or using technical analysis tools.

2. Observing the Subsequent Trading Day

After identifying the High Day, traders monitor the next trading day. They look for the closing price of the stock on this day.

3. Comparison

Traders compare the closing price of the stock on the subsequent day to the low of the High Day. If the closing price is lower than the low of the High Day, this is considered a CBLOHD signal.

Example of the CBLOHD Strategy:

Let's say you are a trader looking at the stock of Company XYZ, and you've identified the High Day, which occurred on Monday, with the highest price being $50. On Tuesday, the stock's price action looks like this:

  • Tuesday's opening price: $48
  • Tuesday's highest price: $49
  • Tuesday's lowest price: $47
  • Tuesday's closing price: $46

In this example, the closing price on Tuesday is $46, which is below the low of the High Day (Monday) at $50. This would trigger a CBLOHD signal.

Interpretation of CBLOHD

The interpretation of this signal is typically bearish. It suggests that the stock was unable to sustain the higher price levels from the previous day, and there may be a shift in market sentiment towards selling or downward momentum. Traders who use the CBLOHD strategy might consider this as a potential selling or shorting opportunity, depending on their overall trading approach.

It's important to note that no trading strategy is foolproof, and CBLOHD is just one of many tools in a trader's toolbox. Successful trading often involves using multiple technical and fundamental indicators, risk management, and a well-thought-out trading plan. Additionally, historical patterns may not always predict future market behavior, so traders should exercise caution and use CBLOHD in conjunction with other analysis methods.


The "Trading Closing Below the Low of the High Day" or CBLOHD strategy is a valuable addition to a trader's arsenal. While it offers the potential for short-term profits and risk management, it's not without its challenges. To succeed with this strategy, traders should dedicate time to mastering technical analysis, risk management, and continually adapt to market conditions.

In the dynamic world of trading, strategies like CBLOHD can be a game-changer, but it's crucial to approach them with a well-thought-out plan and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.


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