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Cross Hedging Trading Strategy - InvestmenTees

Cross Hedging Trading Strategy

Cross hedging is a valuable risk management strategy that involves taking an offsetting position in a related asset. It offers benefits such as risk management, cost efficiency, and flexibility but...

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The Delta Hedging Trading Strategy - InvestmenTees

The Delta Hedging Trading Strategy

Delta hedging is a powerful risk management strategy that allows traders to mitigate the risks associated with options trading. By understanding the principles of delta and implementing effective h...

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Long and Short Hedging - InvestmenTees

Long and Short Hedging

Long and short hedging are essential techniques for managing financial risk in various markets. Hedging is an essential strategies for managing market risks. They provide protection against price v...

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Trading Lagging & Leading Indicators - InvestmenTees

Trading Lagging & Leading Indicators

Trading indicators are essential tools for any trader looking to navigate the complex financial markets. By understanding the differences between lagging and leading indicators, and how to effectiv...

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Trading Covered Stock Options - InvestmenTees

Trading Covered Stock Options

Covered stock options offer a balanced approach to investing, combining income generation with risk management. By understanding the strategies, risks, and benefits, traders can enhance their portf...

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Trading Diagonal Options - InvestmenTees

Trading Diagonal Options

Trading diagonal options is a powerful strategy that combines elements of both calendar and vertical spreads, offering unique advantages in terms of flexibility, income generation, and risk managem...

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Trading Calendar Options - InvestmenTees

Trading Calendar Options

Calendar options offer a versatile and relatively low-risk strategy for traders looking to capitalize on time decay. By carefully selecting the underlying asset, strike price, and expiration dates,...

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Trading Butterfly Options - InvestmenTees

Trading Butterfly Options

Butterfly options are a type of options spread strategy that involves multiple strike prices but has a fixed risk and reward profile. This strategy is created by combining multiple call or put opti...

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Trading Iron Condor Options - InvestmenTees

Trading Iron Condor Options

Trading iron condor options can be an effective strategy for generating income while limiting risk, especially in sideways or range-bound markets. By understanding the intricacies of this strategy ...

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Generation Wealth (2018)


Generation Wealth (2018)